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2013 International Show Car Association Championships…

PAINTHOUSE, for the second year running, is honored to have earned a trip to the ISCA Finals with not one, but two, of our projects. Dana and Noel Irvin, our ‘dynamic duo’, have earned the privilege of bringing their hot rods, “Night Mare” and “Blew Bayou“, to the Big Show here in Lafayette, LA. Penny Weiss’ ’55 Thunderbird “Blue Belle“, a finalist at last year’s Championship, also came along for the ride just to show for fun.



Stay tuned and I’ll post pics to our Facebook page as the weekend develops.




Dallas Autorama, here we come…

Blue Belle - Dallas Autorama 2012
Penny Weiss' CASI Cup winner from last year returns to grace to show poster for the 2012 Dallas Autorama

It has been very busy around PAINTHOUSE since we returned from the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California. We are returning to this year’s Dallas Autorama with last year’s CASI Cup winner, “Blue Belle“, owned by Penny Weiss. Also tagging along are two rookies to this show, “Blew Bayou” belonging to Noel Irvin and “Night Mare“, stabled by his wife, Dana Irvin.

Blew Bayou - 2011 Millwinder selection, Houston Autorama and 1st place at 2012 Grand National Roadster Show
Night Mare debuts at the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show - first place.

Also showing this year will be our long time buddy and road-tripper, Mac Bernd, bringing his newest toy, an all-original 1969 SS Camaro, big-block, 4-speed. Although we didn’t build this beauty, we did do a final color sand and polish on it to bring out the best in the classic Hugger Orange color.

Mac's Camaro - 1969 SS
Mac Bernd's 1969 SS Camaro - big block, 4-speed

Don’t miss a chance to see all 4 of these cars up close and personal this coming February 17-19, 2012 at the Dallas Market Hall. We’ll look for you this coming weekend.

Until next time,


2-0 in Little Rock


Greetings to all . Penny and Richard Weiss’s Blue Belle has finally hit the road. Despite a rare snow and ice storm that hit Little Rock last Sunday afternoon and evening, and a subsequent 2 day delay in leaving, we recently returned from our trip over to Little Rock, Arkansas for their ISCA Autorama. In a nutshell, it was the highest quality “little show” I have ever been to. Plus, Blue Belle was able to garner a first in the Mild Sports class and an Outstanding Sports Car award. This puts us well on our way to attempting to win an ISCA class championship.

2011 Little Rock-13

Carol Dolan, the promoter, managed to assemble some of the nation’s finest cars and trucks in a highly competitive arena of rolling art. Most of these were in a quest for the coveted Trick Six award (not unlike the Riddler of Detroit and the Millwinder of Houston shows). The winner ultimatley gets the honor, plus $5000.00. Not too shabby.


So George Barris (THE George Barris) walks up, sticks out his hand and says the color on Blue Belle is the prettiest color blue he has ever seen and that he would love to use it on an upcoming Merc he is building. Wow, I didn’t see that one coming! What an honor. It may be one of those ‘private’ victories, but its one I will keep forever.

George Barris 2011



Gold Digger, the winner. Oh yeah, they own a gold mine.


2011 Little Rock-10DSC_0294



Also present were some unbelievable ‘marquis cars’ by some of the biggest names in the business.

Gil Losi’s Starliner convertible….painted by Charlie Hutton (the guy from the American Hot RodTV show) and yes, it is brown, yes, it is that straight and, yes, it is stunning.


SIDE NOTE: we painted this Woody for Gil a few years ago. Great guy.

2006 Dallas Goodguys (46)

CamAir by Yogi’s


ThrillBilly ‘Cuda by Roger Berman

2011 Little Rock-30


‘67 Camaro “Scar” by Roger Berman



The Little Rock Blizzard of 2011

The storm blew in Sunday afternoon and carried through Monday, leaving millions stranded without power, food or shelter. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad, but it was enough to shut the city, and major freeways all the way back to Texas, down for a couple of days. Personally, other than missing my family, I loved it! You’d think, with Houston being the winter wonderland that it is, I would have had enough snow, ice and cold, but NO! The more the snow fell, and the colder it got, the cooler it was (yes, that was a pun, and still is).

View out the ‘motel winder’…I call it ‘motel’ because it drives my wife nuts when I call a very nice hotel (the Peabody is that for sure) a motel, so I do it every chance I get. Thanks to Carol again for getting the show participants a “normal” rate at the only 4-star hotel in Little Rock. If you’re gonna get stranded, it might as well be there. Otherwise, I heard that Tom Bodet left the light on for me…

2011 Little Rock-452011 Little Rock-43

With everything loaded and nowhere to go, I wandered around the old district of the town. I dig the vintage architecture (probably because my ‘architecture’ is aging as well, we have a lot in common).

2011 Little Rock-592011 Little Rock-65

2011 Little Rock-762011 Little Rock-82

Mr. Cool Clothing store, need I say more? Across the street, I stumbled upon this Military Surplus store having its 140th. If you do the math, they must have started by selling Civil War leftovers?2011 Little Rock-792011 Little Rock-80

The long drive home…finally

The storm left the roads and freeways shut down for most of Monday. We decided on Tuesday morning to attempt the questionable drive down I-30 to Texas. We found the roads passable, but the traffic SLOW. I sat in the longest traffic jamb of my life, probably 15 miles. Ice, snow, bridges and a long incline led to LOTS of wrecks. I am definitely glad I didn’t try to leave on Monday morning. 4 star hotel or wrecked in the trees…hmmm, what to do?

2011 Little Rock-942011 Little Rock-95

So there you have it, the Journey of Blue Belle to Little Rock and their big ‘little’ autorama. My apologies, as it seems as if my ‘blog’ has turned into a ‘blovel’.

Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California…here we come.

until next time,