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The 2015 GNRS and California in the rear view mirror….we thought.

We came, we saw…we did well. As we exit the 2015 Grand National Roadster Show, it is with several coveted awards…and no trailer brakes!

First in Class, Outstanding Display and Outstanding Paint.

The good news is that the Hudson, amid probably the greatest collection of top-notch vehicles in one place that can be found, walked away with the awards for Outstanding Display, First in Class and my personal favorite – Outstanding Paint. Follow along and enjoyu a few of the things we saw over the weekend. I have over 500 pictures that I took that can be found HERE in an online album, if you’d like to see more of the show.

The Hudson is Blackie Approved…

Just your average, everyday stoplight traffic in Pomona…
The Hudson is in the House and set up begins…
Vans - they're making a comeback...
Vans – they’re making a comeback…
The Hudson is Blackie Approved…
This really cool retro-racer was in line with me as we waited to get in the fairgrounds.
Here is the winner of the 2014 Goodguys “Truck of the Year – Early” award. The Hudson was one of the 6 finalists, so its good to finally see the winner in person.
The Hudson is set up and ready to show California how we do it in Texas…
This hand-made aluminum bodied custom was nothing if not amazing…and sexy.
This Rad Rides-built ’32 is one of my all time favorites. Years after its initial build, it still looks phenomenal.
These two guys, painted by the inimitable Mike Levalee, are standing guard over the AMBR trophy that 18 cars showed up to fight for…
The 2015 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, built by Bobby Alloway and his talented team. Gorgeous car.
This very interesting Dodge Brothers sedan is so well done. It was built by Dave Kindig and his team at Kindig-it.
Speaking of sexy, this Packard custom looked too good in metal. It’ll be a shame to paint it…
It's worth another look...
It’s worth another look…
Not my style, however the craftsmanship is enviable…
Although seen in the Lowrider area, this clean Riviera would look at any show…
Flames. Stripes. Candy Paint. Flake. Airbrushing. Its all there in one neat little package…
Coolest dash ever…

One last shot before we go. Last one out, turn off the lights…
Let’s go home…

Well, its now Tuesday night and we are still here in California. We should be in Houston by now, but alas, our trailer had different plans. The right front brake caliper deemed it necessary to open itself up and allow all the brake fluid out of of the trailer’s “woah” system. I find it amazing that I’m in the second largest metropolitan area in our great United States and not ONE brake caliper for this 18 month old trailer can be found? Apparently not, so the parts are being over-nighted in from Indiana and we hopefully will be back on the road to Texas by tomorrow evening.

In the mean time, we sit in the home of some great friends spending time together that we would not have done otherwise, so we shall count this as a blessing and enjoy the lemonade we’ve made from our lemons. Our next trip will be to the Carl Casper’s 52nd Annual Custom Auto Show in Louisville, KY on February 20-22, 2015. We hope this finds all of you doing well and looking forward to the next blog. Stay tuned…

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HCIAS 2013 – for our Veterans

It’s that time again. The annual Houston Construction Industry Auto Show (www.hcias.com) is here and it’s about dang time! This is such a kool showcase of local the automotive scene with an even ‘kooler’ purpose – it’s all to benefit our selfless, under-appreciated Heroes, the United States’ Veterans.
We have participated in all three years of the event and it gets better every year. Last year’s event was held at Reliant Stadium and this year’s will be at Sam Houston Race Park ( 7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway West ) on Beltway 8 near FM 249. It starts at 9:00 am and runs through 4:00 pm.
I won’t throw all the details out at you in this little announcement, you can visit their website for that. You don’t want to miss the Top 40 section of the show. You may even see a few PAINTHOUSE projects parked in there, some new and a couple of our “veterans”. Last year, our ’62 Corvette project “$umday” was honored to be the Top 40 winner. It’s a whole new crop of cars & trucks this year – you won’t be disappointed.
In addition to all the automobile nirvana, there will also be a Casino Night that evening inside the air-conditioned confines of the Horse Track that further benefits the Vets… and maybe you.
Whether you are just visiting the show or you bring out your own hot rod, don’t miss this opportunity to see some fantastic cars and help one of our Nation’s most valuable assetts, our Veterans.
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May 5, 2012 – ALS Charity Car Show benefitting the Dennis Sehorn Foundation

We at PAINTHOUSE want to invite all to the 2nd annual Dennis Sehorn PALS Charity Car Show being hosted by Circle D Transmissions and emceed by Russell Sherrill of Am 700 KSEV. Please take time to stop by and see some really cool cars, eat some great food, watch and participate in a live broadcast of The Texas Car Doctor radio show (hosted by Skeeter Lothringer) and, most importantly, support a very worthy foundation trying to help families deal with ALS, better known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. There will be a silent auction as well, so make sure you check out the website for a list of existing items. We hope to see you this Saturday!

until next time,