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2013 International Show Car Association Championships…

PAINTHOUSE, for the second year running, is honored to have earned a trip to the ISCA Finals with not one, but two, of our projects. Dana and Noel Irvin, our ‘dynamic duo’, have earned the privilege of bringing their hot rods, “Night Mare” and “Blew Bayou“, to the Big Show here in Lafayette, LA. Penny Weiss’ ’55 Thunderbird “Blue Belle“, a finalist at last year’s Championship, also came along for the ride just to show for fun.



Stay tuned and I’ll post pics to our Facebook page as the weekend develops.




Blue Belle makes the Fab Four in Big D


No, this is not an award given by the Beatles! Blue Belle, our ‘55 Thunderbird project, has been selected into the rarified air of the Fab 4 here in Dallas. Much like the Detroit Riddler has a Great 8, or Houston’s Millwinder selects the Magnificent 7, the Dallas Autorama has a Fab 4 that ultimately leads up to their big award.

Although I think I know who will ultimately win this award, I am humbled and honored that Penny’s little hot rod was chosen to be one of the four. The thanks goes to my crew back at PAINTHOUSE. So, “Loose” Bruce Woodings, Mike Stuart, Cliff Groontok, Tim Kubelka, Craig Kelly, Jennifer Borcherding (she’s mine) and not to forget James Klouse, Ed White, Eric Brockmeyer, Ron Mangus and Skylar Petroski: Good job guys. Thank you.

Tomorrow with bring the results and finally a trip home to my family. See y’all Sunday.


2011 Grand National Roadster Show


We are back on the road, heading east after a great time out here at the 62nd Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. The Blue Belle garnered much more than her fair share of attention, especially from the lofty heights of this show. The level of quality, across the spectrum, out here is nothing short of amazing.

There are 8 buildings housing several hundred cars, trucks, bikes and even a couple boats. The show also has a ‘drive in’ car show that happens on Saturday and Sunday. This year it drew over 900 cars on a flawless California day Saturday. I spent much of Saturday walking around and soaking up the phenomenal collection of automobilia found outdoors, in addition to the obvious indoor show. This event truly can lead to sensory overload. It is something that every car fan should experience at least once in their lifetime.


At the end of the day, she took home First in Class (Mild Sports), an outstanding Display award and, incredibly, the Outstanding Sports car of the Show. That was more than we ever expected at what  could be considered one of the greatest car shows ever. I think Penny is happy!

I better put this computer away and get back to driving. The show has started as we head east into Albuquerque, and ultimately, Waco, Texas, for the next stop on the Blue Belle Express. If you’re in the area, stop by the Waco Convention Center this weekend.

Until next time,