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Long overdue Kudos to the Irvins…



Wow. I am really behind on this blog thingy. I owe you ” my public” and Dana and Noel Irvin a size large apology for not doing this sooner. The kudos go to the Irvins, and the crew at PAINTHOUSE, for the ’65 Mustang “Night Mare” of Dana’s being selected into the rarified air of the Top 5 of the Goodguys’ Street Machine of the Year competition. Her little “horsey” has been well received wherever it goes, but this was an honor that we did not see coming our way.

Ultimately, the Ring Brothers’ phenomenal Pony car took the top honors, but to be invited into the room with such a high calibre of car was humbling and unforgettable.

The other unforeseen surprise was Noel Irvin’s ’67 GTO being chosen by the Ring Brothers as their “Builder’s Choice” award winner. For those guys to notice our work is equally as humbling and unforgettable

Below are pics of the Ring Brothers’ Mustang, the host hotel cruise-in and finally stop at Maker’s Mark Whisky (yes, its spelled like that) in Kentucky to thank them For their generous sponsorship of Dana’s Mustang. They were kind enough to give us a private ‘after-hours’ tour of the distillery, so, I made sure “Night Mare” left its ‘mark’ as well.

“Blue Belle”, the ’55 Thunderbird of Penny Weiss, went along for the trip,too. Although it didn’t garner any major awards, it sure did attract a lot of attention all weekend long. She’s still got it!

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PAINTHOUSE races at PPG Nationals

We weren’t the fastest, we weren’t the slowest, but we sure as heck had a great time. 105 degrees and counting…it was hot! The fact that these cars (all of them, not just ours) lived through this heat while racing is further proof that these cars WORK. The Mustang (Night Mare) finished 7th and the GTO (Blew Bayou) 11th out of a field of 13. We were itching to go again, but, they took us away to the Street Machine of the Year preliminary judging area (air-conditioned!). We obliged.

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