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Chattanooga in the rear view mirror…

The spoils from the 2015 Chattanooga World of Wheels.
The spoils from the 2015 Chattanooga World of Wheels.
Being selected in to the "Fantastic 5" competition was a pleasant, and unexpected, surprise.
Being selected in to the “Fantastic 5” competition was a pleasant, and unexpected, surprise.
The Fantastic "One". Best of Show and well deserved.
The Fantastic “One”. Best of Show and well deserved.
Gorgeous little Chevy II won the big award. Congratulations to the owner of a car that is “the bomb”…

And just like that, the “hurry up and wait” of the 2015 Chattanooga World of Wheels is over. The Hudson is loaded in the trailer, along with all the various display items that make the task of showing these vehicles actual work. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the people gathered around the truck, asking question or making comments, however the set up and then inevitable tear-down process is neither a quick nor easy task.

One show truck display - just add cheap labor...
One show truck display – just add cheap labor…

The show itself was fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised not only by the awards, but the crowds that showed up all weekend. The charm of a small-ish southern town is evident here in Chattanooga and I hope to be able to visit again and take in more of the history I was able to sample on my impromptu tour of the town on Saturday afternoon.

Yeah, I had one. Wouldn’t you?
The Dome Building – very creative name on a very cool building.
The ‘heart’ of a gorgeous old Catholic Church built founded in 1852 and built in 1889.
The remnant of what must have been a gorgeous Methodist Church built in 1881.
I find these ‘wedge-shaped’ buildings oddly interesting….
The domed ceiling and lobby of the former train station in Chattanooga. It is now a hotel where you can stay in actual luxury Victorian train cars. Next time for sure…
The Choo Choo Hotel. It was "rail-ly" nice inside...
The Choo Choo Hotel. It was “rail-ly” nice inside…
I had no idea...
I had no idea…
And there it is. The Choo Choo...
And there it is. The Choo Choo…

I have to thank my crew at PAINTHOUSE, because without them, none of this is possible nor would we have anything worthy of showing off. Lastly, a special bucket of thanks to Jason McPike for trusting us to bring his cool Hudson to life and for allowing us to take it around and show it off.

Now its time to put my ample arse in the driver’s seat and get back to the Lazy B Ranch. Until next time…



The Hudson hits Chattanooga to start the year…

Hopefully this tardy-beyond-belief post finds you fully recovered from a Season of merriment and libation. In the case of PAINTHOUSE, we are back in the shop and working diligently to get the next project(s) to the finish line.



In this week’s episode, the Hudson and I find ourselves in Chattanooga, TN for the 2015 World of Wheels show. After a quick 15 hour drive from Texas through Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and finally Tennessee, we landed at our hotel only to find the ambient temperature below 10 degrees and a “feels like” of -7. That’s 7 degrees below ZERO, 39 degrees below freezing and much too cold for any place that has no snow on the ground. And, in southeast Tennessee of all places. I’m glad I brought a jacket.


Fortunately, a block from the hotel, is this awesome little diner – open 24 hours. Huge portions and small prices, just how I like it.



As I was setting up, a nice little ‘Cuda loped by. Since my youngest son Christian loves them, here you go, son! See, I did get you a Barracuda…


I also found this very interesting grille, belonging to a 1935 Brewster, a car I had never seen before. Very kool machine.


As I bring this blog to a close, it turns out the Hudson has been selected as one of the “Fantastic 5” – it’s the big award here and quite a humbling honor. We shall see how this all plays out tomorrow evening.


Until then, I’ll continue to chase dust around the Hudson , eat too much diner food and soak up the history in this cool little river town.

Until next time,