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“The Irvin Show” in Shreveport…

Bringing home the bacon…
Night Mare’s day dream…


Greetings from 2013. At PAINTHOUSE, our year is off to a busy, and rewarding, start. We are recently back from our trip to the 38th annual Shreveport World of Wheels. We brought along two of our most recent projects – Blew Bayou and Night Mare. There were three other projects there that we had our grubby little hands in at this show as well. The trip was well worth all the effort to get there and we will be back.

In short, it rained A LOT. Not to mention the fact that one of the cars ended up with some damage from a “Trailer Gremlin” (Night Mare), the GTO ran out of gas as soon as I pulled it out of the trailer and lastly I was caught up in a ‘gravity storm’ and slid down a muddy embankment, ending up covered in Louisiana’s finest liquid dirt. All of this and it is only the first evening of set up at the show! Did I mention it rained a lot?

Gravity Storm attacks painter...film at 11!!!
Gravity Storm attacks painter…film at 11!!!

Fortunately, our fates turned and after a clothes change, we were back on track. As a side-note: don’t let your not-driven-much-yet GTO run out of gas at a show, pushing it around the venue and trying to get it centered on the carpet for display is NOT fun or easy (Note to self: 5 gallons of fuel in the trailer on every future trip – CHECK).

As it turned out, all the cars did exceedingly well. The GTO (Blew Bayou) was chosen to receive Best in Class, Outstanding Detail, Outstanding Paint (my personal favorite) as well as Outstanding Custom of the Show. Night Mare, our little “dark horse”, brought home Best in Class, Outstanding Interior, Outstanding Engine (both firsts for this car) and finally, Outstanding Street Machine of the show.

We interrupt this blog for a “Shameless Plug Moment”: both cars proudly displayed their “My Ride was on Powerblock” plates and the GTO brandished its honor as a Meguiar’s VIP sponsored car. Thanks to all that made those moments happen for Noel and Dana, they deserve it. Well…Noel does anyway.

Our good friend and road warrior, Mac Bernd, brought his flawless ’69 Camaro big block and took away Best in Class and Best Restored (not easy to accomplish) awards. Mac allowed us to be involved with this fantastic example of “how it was” when we wetsanded and polished his existing paint job. Sanding, and polishing, someone else’s paint job is always scary to us, but, we managed to pull it off and not burn through anywhere, resulting in a very slick car indeed. Mac gets all the credit, though, as he can detail a car like no one else…

Orange is beautiful.
Orange is beautiful.

Vicki and Mike Pattle and their pretty little ’32 Ford Roadster, “Blue Lotus” were given Best in Class, Outstanding Display, Outstanding Use of Kolor, Outstanding Undercarriage and Outstanding Rod of the Show (insert racy comment here…). We met them on our Great Northwest road trip earlier this year and they have chosen to show the ’32 down here in the South this season. We spend a lot of time detailing the car’s undercarriage, indexing/replacing polished fasteners, detailing the engine compartment and polishing the paint. It seems to have paid off. The story of loading the car in a complete down pour (turd floater) at our shop is another blog in itself…I’ll spare you. Suffice to say Mike and I had to re-detail the entire underside at the show.

The Blue Lotus arrives...
The Blue Lotus arrives…
Yes, it stopped when we got the car in...
Yes, it stopped when we got the car in…

The final project we were involved with was Jeep Compton’s restored ’69 Camaro Convertible big block. We recently spent some time refining the paint on it for him as well. He took second to Mac’s Camaro and I’m afraid these two will be butting heads in the Restored for the rest of the season.

After a week of repairing the Mustang’s slight, but painful, damage and trying to catch up on my job around here (I am still the painter, after all), we are off for another road trip to Abilene for their Autorama and then Albuquerque, NM for it’s Supernationals show, which is independent and not affiliated with the ISCA, but it’s worth the trip. We’ve been there one other time and had a great time. Plus, although it ain’t no TexMex, the mexican fare there is very good and I can get my fix while away from food Nirvana…

That is all for now. Back to detailing cars, loading trailers and car show prep. Until next time…






The Best Little PAINTHOUSE in Texas…

Miss V 2012 Autorama
Miss V 2012 Autorama
Night Mare
LeMonster, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans



It’s that time again. It’s Autorama time. Houston Autorama time. The 53rd annual Houston Autorama to be precise. This year is unique in the fact that the show starts on Friday, the 23rd of November instead of the normal Thanksgiving Thursday and runs through Sunday, the 25th. For once, we may actually get a “normal” Thanksgiving, whatever that is.

So, be sure to come out to the show and visit us in our booth, The Best Little PAINTHOUSE in Texas, as well as enjoy an always fantastically eclectic display of Automobilia. We’ll have two fresh projects up on the front row at the show and three more to see in our booth (two old friends and a newbie). Plus, don’t miss the chance to meet Miss V and get an autographed poster on Saturday. This IS the place to be over the holiday.

We’ll see y’all there, ya hear?

Car Show for our Vets…HCIAS 2012

Houston Construction Industry Auto Show 2012…benefiting U.S. Vets…


Friday’s event that should not be missed…

Don’t miss out on either of these opportunities to give back to those that have given so much to us, our U.S. Vets. The Friday event (6:00-11:00 pm) will feature 40 of Houston’s best automobiles inside and on the floor of the AIR CONDITIONED Reliant Football Stadium (rumor has it that some PAINTHOUSE cars may show up not to mention that a pro football team plays there at times…). Live music by Blues musician Bryan Lee , a cash bar,  plenty of ‘hors ovaries’ and a silent auction all make up this exclusive event that is not to be missed. At $100/ticket, its not cheap, but, nothing good is. The big outdoor show follows on Saturday from 10-6 in the parking area across Kirby Drive in the Yellow Lot. Whether you come Friday night, Saturday, or both, know that this is a great cause and something you will not regret being a part of. We hope to see ALL of you there.

Until next time,


Three-peat complete: Best of Show in Ft. Worth

Best of Show third consecutive year: Blue Belle

Amid vintage brick streets and in between intense, but welcomed, thunderstorms, Penny Weiss and her ’55 Thunderbird, Blue Belle, have won the Best of Show award at this year’s Cowtown Cruisin’ for Cure car show in Ft. Worth, Texas this weekend. More importantly, the show proceeds benefit research of and screening for prostate cancer, the second most deadly disease for men.

Along with the honor of Best in Show came a check for $500.00, which was quickly donated back to the show to be given to the cancer research foundation. They can do much more good with the funds than we can.

The interesting back story to this is the fact that PAINTHOUSE has now brought home the Best of Show honor for three years running. $umday, the ’62 Vette of Jennifer and Steve Keffeler won the silver cup in 2009 and Candy Apply Blonde, the ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible of Jeff and Ann Smith were the top dog last year. Winning 3 years in a row is incredibly humbling considering the level of cars that come to this great little 5 hour show in downtown Fort Worth.

We will most certainly be back next year in a quest to bring home a fourth Best of Show. More importantly, we will be back to enjoy the vintage downtown Ft. Worth atmosphere, the fantastic array of automobilia, the friends we’ve made and certainly to help raise money to further the research, and hopeful cure, of prostate cancer. Whether we win or not, this is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Until next time,


2010 Classy Chassis gives PAINTHOUSE two awards



Our time spent at this year’s Classy Chassis rewarded us with two awesome, and humbling, awards. The 1954 Studebaker of Jeff Lanier was a unique car among a show of unique cars. He was a third place finish in a tough Post-war American class. I am glad I was not judging. The Candy Apple Blonde, Jeff and Ann Smith’s 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible, garnered a first in the Resto-mod/Street Rod class. The only thing better than the honor of first was the constant crowd around the car. Way to go Home team!