Lines, lines…everywhere is lines.

We made it. Somehow we also skirted some serious rain, ice & snow as we traversed our way North to Detroit. Now the “hurry up” is over and we wait – in line.

A nice diversion was the Fort Street Presbyterian Church, built in 1855.  The photos do not do it justice. Despite our valiant efforts, we could not get inside; I would have loved to see the sanctuary. There’s still time, “have faith”, as someone once said.

A second interesting find was Tommy’s Bar & Grille. We were led there by our empty stomachs and found it directly behind the amazing church. Once inside, in the back room, we found a display chronicalling it as a former speakeasy during the Prohibition Era of the 19-teens and twenties. Fascinating place and I think some of the original customers were still at the bar

That’s all for now. I’m going back to my line so I can wait to “hurry up” and set up the two cars we brought and one car that Tim of GAP Racing has brought up to the home of American Iron. It’s a homecoming of sorts for these hot rods, I guess.

As I write, I’ve finally been allowed to move in to the Promised Land…hurry it up!

Until next time,



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