Grand National Roadster Show, here we come…

Off we go again. This time, to the West coast for the 2015 Grand National Roadster Show. If you’ve never seen this show, you should. The indoor show is phenomenal by itself, being housed within 8 ‘not small’ buildings. As if that isn’t enough, they also have a ‘drive-in’ show that fills the fairgrounds between all the buildings, bringing in another 500 or so cars. Many of the cars seen outside could easily fill the front row of any other indoor ISCA event. In other words: its an Automobile Nirvana that every car lover should experience at least once in their lifetime, if not every year.

The Rig is loaded and ready to roll west...
The Rig is loaded and ready to roll west…
We stopped near Area 51 to say “Howdy” to a few intergalactic undocumented workers…

 Day one took us northwest through the Nation of Texas and in to New Mexico. We followed our noses to Ruidosa and finally found some snow. Ok, a little left-over snow, but snow nonetheless. Old snow is better than no snow in my book.

Ruidoso will see us again....
Ruidoso will see us again….

The next morning we left on our trek to reach Flagstaff, AZ, a city that houses my favorite haunted hotel, the Monte Vista. Because I’m always up for an adventure, we took the less traveled route, through the mountains, valleys and high desert of New Mexico and Arizona. I won’t deny to having the ‘wanderlust’, so a new road is always intriguing to me. Dragging a 36′ trailer filled with all kinds of treasures just adds to the adventure.

The Very Large Array
The Very Large Array – who names these things?

During our journey to the NW, we stumbled across “The Very Large Array“, a curious display of what appear to be old-school satellite dishes, however they are quite a bit more than that. This creatively-named, Y-shaped grid of 27 huge radio telescopes (each is 82 feet in diameter) has been placed out here in BFE with the task of seeking out data about black holes, our sun and planets, the Milky Way and galaxies beyond. Together they create the same effect as an antenna with a resolution 22 miles across. Amazing stuff indeed and WAY above my pay grade.

Big Bank meet Small Town – lobby, drive-thru, ATM and handicap parking.
A time capsule found in Pie Town (?), NM…
‘Wood’ you believe we saw an alien even though we were a couple hundred miles from Area 51?
I’m not sure if this is a pre-historic bodybuilding pose or if he was frozen in time doing The Robot? Either way, he was a big dude, standing over 10′ tall…
No words, just cool…
We finally arrived at our haunted digs, the Hotel Monte Vista. I stay here every chance I get…

As luck would have it, the Ghost did not make herself known – this time. However, ask me about the first time I stayed here, if you get the opportunity. Before we left, we found a little place called MartAnne’s Burrito Palace (Breakfast Palace is more like it). It seemed logical that breakfast would be fantastic here…and it was. Consider this my new favorite restaraunt in Flagstaff. Fine job, MartAnne’s.

Martan's Burrito Palace served the best breakfast I've had in a long time...
MartAnne’s Burrito Palace served the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time. There are eggs in there, I promise…
A 'guided' detour to Barnes & Noble in Kingman, AZ, courtesy of Google Maps, led us to...nothing. And I thought Apple Maps was the bad one?
A ‘guided’ detour to Barnes & Noble in Kingman, AZ, courtesy of Google Maps, led us to…nothing. And I thought Apple Maps was the bad one?
The rig gets a much needed bath. $54 well spent…
This seems to be a good value, I'll let you know....
This seems to be a good value, I’ll let you know….
Aahhh, the infamous LA ‘fog’…

1584 miles, 5 apples, 37 Tootsie Pops, countless pee stops and one Haunted Hotel later, we’ve arrived in Pomona, CA. For now we wait; tomorrow the “hurry up” begins as we set up the Hudson for its debut at the 2015 Grand National Roadster Show. For now, I’m signing off. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates to the Hudson’s first trip to the West Coast.

vaya con Dios,



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