63 Raytona

Raytona in Alabama

Raytona, Steve Percival’s 1963 Corvette roadster, is now residing comfortably in the rolling hills of Alabama. The more than capable hands of Paul Atkins and his crew are about to fill the car with the hides of several Italian bovine beauties.
This won’t be your average interior, as the influence of vintage racing Ferraris will be creatively woven in to the mix. The whole idea is to tastefully bring back the magic of the infamous racing in the 60’s featuring ‘Vettes, Ferraris, Cobras and more. Now you know the genesis of the name Raytona: Corvette “StingRAY” and Ferrari “DayTONA”.
Stay tuned here and on the PAINTHOUSE website for updates to the project. You won’t want to miss this one.
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