AutoRama 2012

The Best Little PAINTHOUSE in Texas…

Miss V 2012 Autorama
Miss V 2012 Autorama
Night Mare
LeMonster, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans



It’s that time again. It’s Autorama time. Houston Autorama time. The 53rd annual Houston Autorama to be precise. This year is unique in the fact that the show starts on Friday, the 23rd of November instead of the normal Thanksgiving Thursday and runs through Sunday, the 25th. For once, we may actually get a “normal” Thanksgiving, whatever that is.

So, be sure to come out to the show and visit us in our booth, The Best Little PAINTHOUSE in Texas, as well as enjoy an always fantastically eclectic display of Automobilia. We’ll have two fresh projects up on the front row at the show and three more to see in our booth (two old friends and a newbie). Plus, don’t miss the chance to meet Miss V and get an autographed poster on Saturday. This IS the place to be over the holiday.

We’ll see y’all there, ya hear?


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