The British are coming!!!

A new friend from across the pond...

A hot little Jaguar XK120 coupe has drifted to our shores for a repaint. This is a really cool example of a classic body style -unique, shapely front; a well-rounded butt and one of the sweetest sounding inline 6 cylinders ever made. The body is steel while the bonnet, deck lid and doors are hand-formed aluminum over WOOD frames. Very old-world craftsmanship on this one.

Rumor has it that George Barris (yes, THAT George Barris) customized it back in the late 50’s. It has has the rear fenders filled and smoothed with lead, the gas filler door taken off the rear deck and smoothed and a rear valance panel fabricated to enhance the rear shape and encapsulate the exhaust exits.

It’s not time to start on this one yet, but stay tuned as we will in the near future. in the mean time, keep your eyes open for our other international friends (Ferrari and Porsche) to get their makeover(s).

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