With Love from Dallas…

I know, I know. I owe y’all quite a lot of updates from our recent road trip to Salt Lake City, Boise and Omaha. I will do that soon…really. Until then, this link will take you to someone else who liked what they saw in Blew Bayou and Night Mare while they were in Dallas this year. Scroll down a few cars and you will find them…

Sorry this is so short, but, I’m still catching up from my time away…

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Boise Roadster Show is a sight to see, and successful.

A quick pictorial of the show in Boise. What a fantastic collection of the best cars in the country assembled at what would seem to be an obscure show in the middle of nowhere. It was quite a pleasant surprise and quite the honor to take home Outstanding Custom for the ’67 GTO and Outstanding Sports for the ’55 Tbird. All, including the Mustang “Night Mare” won First in Class. This was a very competitive show and we are honored to take home such prestigious awards.Forgive the absence of a picture for the Blue Belle’s awards (First in class and Outstanding Sports Car of the show).

My personal favorite, painted by "Charlie".
I want one of these, street legal. Call me if you have one!
Amazing example of a Shelby Mustang. Great 8 as well.
I love the flame job on this thing. Really "well done".

After Boise, we were able to detour to Sun Valley, Idaho for a few days of R & R at the home of the ’55 Tbird’s owners, Richard and Penny Weiss. Breathtaking does not do this home (mansion) justice. In a word…WOW.

The front door

We went up to the top of Mount Baldy. The view is amazing to say the least.

Well worth the ride to the top. Mount Baldy, Idaho.


We’ve also been able to see a cool, retro shop belonging to Phil Huff up here in Hailey, Idaho.

Original supercharged Flathead Ford.
'32 Vicky, barn fresh and original paint.


I’ll put up some pics of our ‘fun’ in the next session. Take care, all.

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