The Horse, the Goat and the Bird: Day 2 & 3…

The Convoy
The Convoy

Day 2: We left out of Deming, New Mexico around 7:00 with the temperature being “really damn cold”. Shortly thereafter, we stopped at an awesome little restaurant in Lordsburg, New Mexico, Kranberry’s, for some much needed breakfast. Thanks to my buddy Mac Bernd for the recommendation.

Breakfast at Kranberry's

I drank alot of this:

My Friend


Despite my best intentions, the burning orb in the sky beat me to the left coast. We were a close second.

Winner of the "Great Race to the Pacific"...again.


Day three brings us to our show prep. We unloaded the Stang at Ron Mangus’ shop in Rialto, California and began final preparations for the show. Day 4 will bring more fine-tuning and then on Wednesday we get in and begin set up of the three cars and our PAINTHOUSE  booth. This stuff is alot of work!

Show prep at Ron Mangus' shop...


Until next time…



5 thoughts on “The Horse, the Goat and the Bird: Day 2 & 3…”

  1. Congrats on the well-deserved awards. I am hoping to bring this very rare car (one of only two known to still exist) over to you sometime this year for a quote and paint.

    Clicking on the “ABOUT” tab pretty much tells the story.

    Patrick McLoad

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