The Goat and the Bird…

First off, Happy New Year! Better late than never! We’ve just finished up in Shreveport at their 2012 World of Wheels Autorama. We brought along an old friend and a new one: Blue Belle (Penny Weiss’ 1955 Thunderbird) and Blew Bayou (Noel Irvin’s 1967 GTO). Both of them were extremely successful and really well received by the show goers. I never get tired of watching people enjoy what my crew and myself are blessed to be able to create.

I’ll be brief, mainly because its late here and the drive home starts very early tomorrow (actually today at this point). Noel and his GTO won Best in Class, Outstanding Interior, Outstanding Engine and the Outstanding Custom of the Show. Not too shabby for a rookie. I especially like the Engine award because we beat out a lot of very expensive, ‘blinged’ out engines with our subtle paint and minor chrome details. We don’t get that award often, so when we do, its really appreciated.

The Outstanding Custom Engine, Shreveport 2012
The Outstanding Custom Engine, Shreveport 2012

Blue Belle won Best in Class and People’s Choice. Out of all the awards we are honored to receive, I think People’s Choice is my favorite. For whatever reason, not many shows offer it. I am always humbled by the fact that we build vehicles that people would actually want for themselves. To me, People’s Choice means if they could take one car home, it would be ours. That is nothing but cool to me. A big high-five to my guys (Bruce, Mike, Tim, Steve, Craig and Ramon) and what they do to make us look good. I COULD NOT do it without you.

So, that’s all for now. We are off to Pomona and the Grand National Roadster Show next Saturday. We love this show and it has done us well throughout the years we’ve been going. I hope we don’t disappoint with our projects this year. It will also be the debut show of Night Mare, formerly called Stampede,  Dana Irvin’s ’65 Mustang that we are finalizing this coming week. So, we will have three projects going out this year, the most we’ve ever taken at one time. All we need now is CB radios and our convoy can roll.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “The Goat and the Bird…”

  1. Congrats to Painthouse and the car owners! Both cars are works of art. With the Mustang finished , I am betting on all three to be major winners in California!

  2. Randy, Bruce, Mike, Tim, Steve, Craig and Ramon… Thanks for everything you guys have done!

    Tim and Bruce have a lot of years invested in Blew Bayou and I appreciate all you have done! You both should be very proud of the creation!

    Mike… All of the things you have done to make the car special are more than recognized! The air cleaner for one is probably my favorite pieces on the car! All of the work on the bumpers really makes a difference!

    Craig… Without you we might still be looking at the isis wiring harness in the box trying to figure out how to install. Thanks for everything you have done on the cars!

    Ramon… I know you have not spent a lot of time on my cars but thank you for all you have done!

    Lastly Randy… Thanks for making my dream come true! She is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!

    Off to Pomona! Thanks guys!!!

    1. Noel,
      I cannot thank you enough for all of us. Your willingness to let our creative ‘juices’ flow is something that we cannot repay. Thanks for including us in your dream. We’d like to NOT be in your “other” dreams, thank you.

      Goin’ out to Cali, Cali, Cali…


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