A paint job to die for…

PAINTHOUSE's first custom painted casket, thanks to Darren Wenzel of Gasoline Art.

Darren Wenzel's custom pinstriping on top of the casket.


It’s been awhile. I’m back! No excuses, we’ll just act like we’re long lost friends and it seems like we talked yesterday. Things have been busy (and HOT) around PAINTHOUSE. I will attempt to bring it all into perspective over the next few days. Did I mention it has been hot?

Pictured is the casket we were commissioned to paint for a local Jewish funeral home. They gave us free rain, so, with our newfound ‘carte blanche’, we called in our trusty Australian transplant from Virginia who now resides in Austin, Darren Wenzel of Gasoline Art. He created what you see above. I think additional words are not necessary.

By the way, I’ve heard through the Interweb that there are people around the country experiencing a strange phenomenon called Rain(?). I am not quite sure what that is, but, based on viewing the videos of it, I think Houston could use some of that. Any ideas of how we can import some to our area? Just a reminder, its still hot.

Until next time (presuming we don’t spontaneously combust from the heat),



One thought on “A paint job to die for…”

  1. That is what I call going out in a blaze of glory — which we all might do if you don’t figure out how to import some of that rain stuff!


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