Blue Belle makes the Fab Four in Big D


No, this is not an award given by the Beatles! Blue Belle, our ‘55 Thunderbird project, has been selected into the rarified air of the Fab 4 here in Dallas. Much like the Detroit Riddler has a Great 8, or Houston’s Millwinder selects the Magnificent 7, the Dallas Autorama has a Fab 4 that ultimately leads up to their big award.

Although I think I know who will ultimately win this award, I am humbled and honored that Penny’s little hot rod was chosen to be one of the four. The thanks goes to my crew back at PAINTHOUSE. So, “Loose” Bruce Woodings, Mike Stuart, Cliff Groontok, Tim Kubelka, Craig Kelly, Jennifer Borcherding (she’s mine) and not to forget James Klouse, Ed White, Eric Brockmeyer, Ron Mangus and Skylar Petroski: Good job guys. Thank you.

Tomorrow with bring the results and finally a trip home to my family. See y’all Sunday.



One thought on “Blue Belle makes the Fab Four in Big D”

  1. Oops. Hit wrong key. Just wanted to add our heartfelt thanks to all the guys and gals from the Painthouse, listed above, for creating such a gorgeous Bird and making this whole incredible possible! Thank you so much and, of course, a VERY SPECIAL thank you to our darling guru Randy! Many, many hugs and honks, sweetie
    Penny and Belle

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