Dallas Autorama Day One closes…


Day one at the Dallas Autorama is over. Blue Belle and the Blonde are showing their "wares" to the masses. The Market Diner, about a block away, has fed me some real ‘diner’ food that can’t be beat. And, oh yeah, the view out the hotel window ain’t bad either. Stay tuned…

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Dallas Autorama Day One closes…”

  1. Hi all from Belle. Once again our “dad” got us a great location, gave us a great spa treatment, set us up in a deluxe “room” and we are havin a ball, right next to Blonde! He’s the best

    Bt the way, that diner food he told y’all about sure sumthin’. Grease, calories, gravy, more calories and butter and MORE calories!

    Cross your fingers for all Painthouse ladies here in big D

    Blue Belle

    1. Dear Blue Belle,
      I have no idea how you were able to get online, let alone type a message on a computer, since you are a car and have no fingers. Nonetheless, thanks for the great year. Kudos to you for being selected into the Fab 4 as well.

      See ya tomorrow, good luck.

      “Dad” (?)

  2. Dear Blue Belle,
    I am not quite sure how you obtained a computer, got online and typed a response since you’re a car and you don’t have fingers. But, I’m glad you’re having a great time. Thanks for a great season. Good luck in the Fab 4.

    “Dad” (?)

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