TRUCKS! did it again….

Powerblock Dually Paint

Okay everyone. Here is another golden chance to razz me. The next episode of the Project Super Dually: the Paint Job will be aired this weekend on Spike Network. It airs Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 am CST. they actually invited me back, along with Brian Finch, and Kevin Tetz, the hostess with the mostess, to prep, mask and paint this gianormous vehicle. Watch it, and take your shots! After this, they will probably never let me near a camera, or studio, again. Enjoy.



Also, the Blonde has resurfaced for a one-time showing up here at the Dallas Autorama. If you’re up in the Big D this weekend, stop by and visit her, and Blue Belle, as well as see a fantastic car show.

Until next time,



One thought on “TRUCKS! did it again….”

  1. Randy, I watched the episode of trucks today and noticed the paint gun you used. Any specifics on that gun like the model number? Thanks in advance.

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