Busy Summer….

Hey all,

55 Tbird - Brocmeyer

After a trip to Florida for the daughter’s AAU volleyball tournament (quite an honor), the delivery of Blew Bayou to Ron Mangus and the return of Penny’s Little Hot Rod from Mr. Mangus’ upholstery kingdom, we are glad to be back at work for awhile. It won’t last long, as school is fast approaching and life will get hectic again.

The Blew Bayou project is well on it’s way to a custom-created cowhide masterpiece out in Rialto, California. It is nothing short of amazing to watch Ron and his crew create these wonders from such basic raw materials. They are truly  artists and we cannot wait to see this interior develop. We will post progress shots as the interior comes to life.

The ‘55 Thunderbird, Penny’s Little Hot Rod, is now back at home and dressed to kill in blue leather and custom chrome accents. Again, Ron Mangus and his crew, along with Little Louie (hand-made, chrome-plated brass trim accents), have given Penny and her Thunderbird something to be “seen in”. The subtle, yet appropriate, details that are woven into the style of the interior are classy and timeless. It is what Ford should have done. Better late than never!

Now its on to converting the original single carburetor to a  two 4-barrel intake setup,  while painting the engine a more appropriate color. A custom set of wire wheels is in the works as well. Then we can reassemble the car, final polish the paint and take her out on the town. She will be all dressed up with somewhere to go!

Back here at the ranch, the Stampede project, a ‘65 Mustang, has entered the paint phase and lots of black basecoat and urethane clear coat are flowing. More details on that later, with pictures, I promise.

We’ve lost a couple of our long-term residents to their new homes. More details in the next installment of Overspray.

Stay tuned, things are heating up here at PAINTHOUSE.



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