$umday is at it again…..

This is a quick update: Steve and Jenn Keffeler took their ‘62 Vette, $umday, up to the 21st Annual Lone Star Corvette Classic in Ft. Worth at the Texas Motor Speedway this last weekend.

As it turns out, they garnered First Place in their class, were selected by Rick Springfield, the guest celebrity, as his “pick” of the show, and then went ahead and won it all by earning “Best of Show”. In a field of over 500 Corvettes, in the largest Corvette show in the state of Texas, they took home the Gold. This just proves that when the whole package is put together properly, and tastefully, it cannot be ignored. Way to go, Keffelers!

I will post pics as soon as they send them to me. (hint, hint)

Also, don’t forget the Texas Tune-up, this coming Saturday, the 22nd. It will be located Houston’s beautiful Heights area, at the Resource One Credit Union, 1400 W. 43rd Street. You can check out some of our former, and recent, projects and talk with Resource One about financing your next dream project (there may actually be a couple available, keep your eyes open). Best of all, you can help us benefit Boys and Girls Country. We hope to see you all there.

Take care,



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