We were Powerblocked!


The trip we took to Franklin, Tennessee to visit the RTM Studios for our Powerblock TV filming was finalized this last Saturday and Sunday, August 29/30th. The show featuring our ‘62 Vette project “$umday” aired on the Spike Network to much acclaim. The car looked phenomenal, and Courtney wasn’t bad either!

Other than the obvious humbling honor of having the work of Painthouse seen across the nation, and world, I suppose, something else has surfaced. I did not expect such a positive amount of feedback over the color on the car. 


Don’t misunderstand me, I love the color; heck, I made the color myself. And, it does what I wanted it to do: be classy, look like a candy finish without the hassle, be repairable, and be unique. When viewed in person, by far, the MOST asked question of the $umday is, “What is that color?” or some form of that question. I guess I didn’t expect that to carry through the airwaves and still be perceivable on television.

This (Dark Maroondy Pearl) is the fourth in a string of five custom colors we have created for our customers and their projects over the last couple of years. I think it is a great way to individualize the cars for their owners. We have two more on the way for our next two newest projects: a 1972 LeMans convertible and a1967 GTO.

I never intended to become a custom ‘paint mixer’, but I find it challenging and fulfilling at the same time. If you are looking for a unique interpretation of an original color, or a completely original shade for your ride, feel free to give us a call (281.477.7781), or email us on the interweb (randy@painthousetx.com) . We’ll be happy to try and help you get that extra “something” that your project deserves.

Take care all,

Randy / Painthouse



3 thoughts on “We were Powerblocked!”

  1. Hi Randy,

    this Mike from Seattle, we spoke today about getting a paint sample similar to $umday, please send to email address MKresek@aol.com, thanks for your time on this I really appreciate it!!! keep up the great work

    thanks again

  2. Just caught show now I know you exsist. Just painted my

    89 blazer /s10. My first ,I attend DelMar college autobody,

    Now that I have paiint under my nbail wanna paint my 85

    Porshe;Deepest redc I can find ??. Love your car .

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