Busy last few months…

So here we are. Our new shop is built, despite all the intended efforts of Murphy and his laws, Ike the hurricane, weeks of power outages as a result of Ike’s whirlwind tour of our area, and the recent trip to Vegas to see the infamous SEMA show.

In our lives/business we have managed to accumulate alot of  ‘stuff’. Moving it  and keeping it organized, as well as undamaged, is quite an undertaking. We managed to do so, as well as a task that I hope to never have to do again, de/reconstructing our heated paint booth. I propose that if I ever move or build again, I will just factor another booth into my plans. I have moved this on at least 3 previous times, so the fact that the booth is still in good shape and perfectly operational is a testament to it’s sturdiness and my abundance of good help (friends). shop-interior-pictures-1031-241


The hardest part of all is being out of business. I love what I do, and not being able to do it is frustrating. But it is a means to an end. Take the bad with the good and all that.

I will write again soon. Sorry for such a short ‘blog’. More to come soon…


2 thoughts on “Busy last few months…”

  1. Hey Randy

    I saw some of your work today and was amazed at the quailty. I am a huge car freak, my hot rod of choice at the time are my VW’S. Where is your shop located at in Tomball? I work in the Tomball Fire Marshal’s office. I would like to check out your shop and cars. I promise I will leave the fire side at the office and we can just talk cars.


    1. Hey Tommy,

      Thanks for contacting us. Where did you see our work? We are no longer in Tomball, we are in Cypress. Our address is 10503 Florafield Lane, Cypress, Texas 77429. You are welcome to visit anytime. I don’t mind the Fire Stuff either! You can reach me at 281.536.1233. Take care.


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