The Horse, the Goat and the Bird: Day One

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842 miles later, we made it to Deming, NM. Noel Irvin, the owner of the ’67 GTO, towing Night Mare, his wife Dana’s ’65 fastback Mustang; Richard Weiss pulling his wife Penny’s ’55 Thunderbird and myself pulling Noel’s ’67 GTO.

We are headed West to the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA. This will be the first time PAINTHOUSE will have brought 3 cars at once to this show. Getting them ready has been a monumental task, one that I never could have pulled of without the help of our crew at PAINTHOUSE: Bruce, Tim, Mike, Steve and Craig. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the one that keeps this ship afloat and sailing in the correct direction, my beautiful wife Jennifer.

I think we quite possibly created a need for this proposed US-Canada oil pipeline as we have bought, and burned, ALOT of diesel!

So far no incidences, just lots of junk food, coffee and sunshine. Thank God for Sirius XM radio.

Day two coming up. Until next time…


The Goat and the Bird…

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First off, Happy New Year! Better late than never! We’ve just finished up in Shreveport at their 2012 World of Wheels Autorama. We brought along an old friend and a new one: Blue Belle (Penny Weiss’ 1955 Thunderbird) and Blew Bayou (Noel Irvin’s 1967 GTO). Both of them were extremely successful and really well received by the show goers. I never get tired of watching people enjoy what my crew and myself are blessed to be able to create.

I’ll be brief, mainly because its late here and the drive home starts very early tomorrow (actually today at this point). Noel and his GTO won Best in Class, Outstanding Interior, Outstanding Engine and the Outstanding Custom of the Show. Not too shabby for a rookie. I especially like the Engine award because we beat out a lot of very expensive, ‘blinged’ out engines with our subtle paint and minor chrome details. We don’t get that award often, so when we do, its really appreciated.

The Outstanding Custom Engine, Shreveport 2012

The Outstanding Custom Engine, Shreveport 2012

Blue Belle won Best in Class and People’s Choice. Out of all the awards we are honored to receive, I think People’s Choice is my favorite. For whatever reason, not many shows offer it. I am always humbled by the fact that we build vehicles that people would actually want for themselves. To me, People’s Choice means if they could take one car home, it would be ours. That is nothing but cool to me. A big high-five to my guys (Bruce, Mike, Tim, Steve, Craig and Ramon) and what they do to make us look good. I COULD NOT do it without you.

So, that’s all for now. We are off to Pomona and the Grand National Roadster Show next Saturday. We love this show and it has done us well throughout the years we’ve been going. I hope we don’t disappoint with our projects this year. It will also be the debut show of Night Mare, formerly called Stampede,  Dana Irvin’s ’65 Mustang that we are finalizing this coming week. So, we will have three projects going out this year, the most we’ve ever taken at one time. All we need now is CB radios and our convoy can roll.

Until next time,


From PAINTHOUSE to you and yours…

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Our wish for you.

Three-peat complete: Best of Show in Ft. Worth

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Best of Show third consecutive year: Blue Belle

Amid vintage brick streets and in between intense, but welcomed, thunderstorms, Penny Weiss and her ’55 Thunderbird, Blue Belle, have won the Best of Show award at this year’s Cowtown Cruisin’ for Cure car show in Ft. Worth, Texas this weekend. More importantly, the show proceeds benefit research of and screening for prostate cancer, the second most deadly disease for men.

Along with the honor of Best in Show came a check for $500.00, which was quickly donated back to the show to be given to the cancer research foundation. They can do much more good with the funds than we can.

The interesting back story to this is the fact that PAINTHOUSE has now brought home the Best of Show honor for three years running. $umday, the ’62 Vette of Jennifer and Steve Keffeler won the silver cup in 2009 and Candy Apply Blonde, the ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible of Jeff and Ann Smith were the top dog last year. Winning 3 years in a row is incredibly humbling considering the level of cars that come to this great little 5 hour show in downtown Fort Worth.

We will most certainly be back next year in a quest to bring home a fourth Best of Show. More importantly, we will be back to enjoy the vintage downtown Ft. Worth atmosphere, the fantastic array of automobilia, the friends we’ve made and certainly to help raise money to further the research, and hopeful cure, of prostate cancer. Whether we win or not, this is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Until next time,


A paint job to die for…

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PAINTHOUSE's first custom painted casket, thanks to Darren Wenzel of Gasoline Art.

Darren Wenzel's custom pinstriping on top of the casket.


It’s been awhile. I’m back! No excuses, we’ll just act like we’re long lost friends and it seems like we talked yesterday. Things have been busy (and HOT) around PAINTHOUSE. I will attempt to bring it all into perspective over the next few days. Did I mention it has been hot?

Pictured is the casket we were commissioned to paint for a local Jewish funeral home. They gave us free rain, so, with our newfound ‘carte blanche’, we called in our trusty Australian transplant from Virginia who now resides in Austin, Darren Wenzel of Gasoline Art. He created what you see above. I think additional words are not necessary.

By the way, I’ve heard through the Interweb that there are people around the country experiencing a strange phenomenon called Rain(?). I am not quite sure what that is, but, based on viewing the videos of it, I think Houston could use some of that. Any ideas of how we can import some to our area? Just a reminder, its still hot.

Until next time (presuming we don’t spontaneously combust from the heat),


Blue Belle, ‘Ol Joe and The Blond…conquering the Concours.

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Blue Belle's cup runneth over...

We took two rookies, and one veteran to this year’s Classy Chassis Concours D’Elegance show and what a show it was. This show is full of the best cars to be found from around the country. There were cars here that I have never seen before and probably never will see again. It is such an honor to be invited to show off our projects amid these pieces of rolling art. Duesenbergs, Ferraris, Pierce Arrows, Mercedes, classic hot rods, vintage race cars, modern super cars… I could go on and on. The fact that Penny Weiss’ 1955 Thunderbird “Blue Belle” took a first, and Mark Freund’s 1951 Chevrolet truck “‘Ol Joe” garnered a third place in a very tough class of restored classics is extremely humbling to me amid such a prestigious field of participants.

Three happy hot rods...

First Place pose

Blue Belle, on the floor of the Reliant Stadium. Luv ya, Blue!

the encore...

Jeff and Ann Smith’s 1957 Chevrolet “Candy Apple Blond” was invited back into the winners circle as a returning First Place winner from last year’s event.

This was also a big year for us in that we had our first ever PAINTHOUSE booth at the show. We met a lot of people and planted many seeds. Time will tell if they take root and grow.

Great job, Jenn and Cassie. What will it be for next year?

The following pics are few of the cars that “spoke” to my soul…

Ford 'push truck' and Bonneville "belly tank" racer.

The Doane Spencer roadster, first hot rod at Pebble Beach

1967 Ferrari racer: vintage shape, new power

The "business" end...

early '30's "Minerva"...Belgium created luxury, a phenomenal restoration

and last but not least… the “Best of Show” DeLage.

DeLage: Best of Show, 2011 Classy Chassis Concours d'Elegance

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned as we prepare for a trip to Powerblock, then the Columbus, OH Goodguys show, at the end of this month. Its about time to get back on the road. This time, I think ice shouldn’t be a problem!

until next time,


$umday and Blue Belle on the coast…

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Keels and Wheels 2011, Kemah, Texas

Make sure you get out to the Keels & Wheels Concours D’ Elegance show this weekend, April 30th and May 1st. $umday and Blue Belle will be out for the sun and fun on the coast at the Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook, Texas. There will surely be vehicles you won’t see anywhere else, as well as some unbelievable vintage wooden boats. If you want to see a wonderful blend of vintage, classic and exotic automobiles, head on down to the Clear Lake area. No excuses, be there.



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